Hand Reflexology




Reflexology treatment on the hands is rarely used and very little time is devoted to learning it at College.  It can, however, be as beneficial as foot reflexology and has many advantages over it.  There are also a number of occasions when hand reflexology would be a more appropriate choice, for example:

  •  Hand reflexology can be carried out anywhere, at any time (i.e. when seated beside someone in a plane, boat etc. or to comfort someone in a state of shock).
  • A treatment with hand reflexology takes less time and therefore can be an advantage when the client is short of time.
  • When the foot is injured or has an infection such as athlete's foot, verruca or damaged skin.
  • When lower limbs have been amputated.
  • When the feet are so sensitive that any pressure would cause undue discomfort.
  • Where access to the feet is restricted, i.e. client is in a wheelchair or the legs cannot be raised.
  • Self-treatment by Client.
  • As an alternative to foot reflexology, for example if the foot reflexology treatment has reached a plateau (progress having slowed down or stopped).  

I have been fortunate to have completed a weekend course with Kristine Walker who is a well known and respected teacher of hand reflexology based in the Brighton area.  Kristine has published a very useful book called Hand Reflexology, and can be obtained through her web site.