Vertical Reflexology

 VRT - A revolutionary five-minute technique to transform your health.

Lynne Booth first discovered the benefits of Vertical Reflexology when working with clients in a Nursing Home in Bristol, and has written two books on the subject - Vertical Foot Reflexology and Vertical Hand Reflexology.  I have been fortunate to attend several of her courses over the last couple of years and find that combining Vertical Reflexology with conventional Reflexology has beneficial results.   Vertical Reflexology can, however, be used on its own when time is at an essence or in difficult circumstances. 

The client stands (or if unable to stand, sits) and the practitioner works quickly on the reflexes to the top of the foot and ankle area.

Lynne found that working on the feet in a weight bearing position is very beneficial.  Her theory is that the upright body appears to be in a position of increased vitality because it is weight-bearing; the muscles are taut, there is pressure on the bones to support the upright skeleton, and the heart is pumping oxygenated blood to the organs, which, in a standing position, will be less impacted by possible bad posture.  In addition, although the standing foot reflexes have a more vital response, she suggests that VRT puts the body into neutral - a state in which the long-term legacy of strain, tension, degeneration and scar tissue in an organ or muscle is bypassed to allow direct access to the original problem.  This could explan why whiplash injuries, chronic stomach pain and stiff knees and hips can sometimes dramatically improve within minutes of treatment.

I use VRT treatment at the beginning and end of a session if the client agrees. 

At the end of the session  I will work specific hand and foot reflexes synergistically, where reflexes have shown to be tender or the client has a specific problem (e.g. shoulder, knee etc).

Where it is not possible to carry out VRT on the foot, the hand in a weight bearing position (i.e. pressing down on a table) will have similar results.